Monday, March 9, 2015

Charu+Milap's Colorful Wedding

The Proposal: It started out with one of Charu's normal weekend trips to see Milap in New York.  On Friday, Mil had to go in for a few surgeries and said he’d be back by noon. Well noon turned to 5pm and they missed the lunch date Charu had planned and it was nearly dinnertime. That evening, the couple ended up going to a cozy restaurant in Brooklyn. Charu was starving and busy stuffing her face (as she put it) and Mil was busy on his phone texting, making plans to meet up for drinks with some of their friends afterwards. After dinner Milap insisted on getting dessert, knowing Charu has a sweet tooth and wouldn’t pass up this opportunity to indulge. Little did she know at the time that this was just a plan to stall, while, everyone arrived to the remote location. After finishing our delicious dessert, Milap wanted to take a stroll to the docking area by the Brooklyn Bridge. Under normal circumstances, Charu would have been all about it, except it was December and absolutely freezing out. She was dragging her feet, but Milap kept walking forward taking her with and encouraging her to go closer to the edge to get a better view of the city at nighttime. Charu was like "oh yes, it’s lovely let’s go indoors now, I’m freezing!" As they approached the edge, she saw a huge group of people huddled together.  Thinking it was strange, curiosity got the best of her and Charu continued to approach. The huddle broke suddenly and she saw a bunch of familiar faces yelling as they opened a banner, which read: “Charu, will you marry me?” Charu spun around to look for Milap and saw him down on one knee holding out this amazingly sparkly ring and the rest was sort of a blur.  He said some sweet things and had to ask her again before she realized what was happening!  Speechless, it took Charu a good minute or two of just stared at him before getting it together. Charu remembers Milap was like, “Babe I can’t stay on my knee forever, you gotta say something.” She choked up and said yes, obviously yes! There was a ton of smiling/laughing/omg-ing/happy tears. Charu was on cloud nine. It was one of the greatest moments of her life. She was finally able to look down and get a better look at the ring, it was more gorgeous than Charu could have ever imagined! :)

The Wedding: Charu and Milap's festivities were planned by Sabrina Han of Sabrina Hans Events, and cinematography was by  Aria Films.  Makeup was by Asha Davila, with hair by Maggie Stumpf of Perfect Hair Anywhere. The Sangeet took place at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, with the next days wedding ceremony and reception took place at the Renaissance Schaumburg. Charu wore a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choos, and jewelry from Tanishq. The wedding's florals and lighting were by Yanni Design Studio. After everyone was ready Charu and Milap shared their first look, we took the whole wedding party out for photos before returning for the baraat and ceremony. We took Charu and Milap out for a few more photos after they changed into their reception attire. The wedding cake was made in house by the Renaissance, catering was by India House Restaurants, and entertainment was by DJ Sunny. The reception was so much fun, full of dancing and joy.
Congrats Charu and Milap! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Erin+John's Winter Engagement Session

Erin and John met up with us for their fun winter engagement session downtown, where we spent some time walking, taking photos, and ending with some delicious coffee at one of the coziest spots in the city. The couple is preparing for their destination wedding in Sonoma, CA. It will take place at Viansa Winery this fall and we can't wait!
Congrats Erin and John!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Caren+Leo's Lacuna Lofts Engagement Session

Caren and Leo joined us at the Lacuna Lofts building for their engagement session. We had fun exploring and taking photographs. We can't wait for their wedding!The couple is planning for their October 2015 wedding at the JW Marriott, with their ceremony to take place at Our Lady of Pompeii. 
Congrats Caren+Leo!
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