Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On the 'L'

Right before it turned cold, two of our intrepid photographers, hopped the rails to shoot some editorials. These are some of the shots they came back with:

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sarah and James

Sarah and James live minutes from Lincoln park, so it seemed like a natural fit to meet them there one evening and take a few pictures. Even though the light didn't last very long, we still made some really beautiful pictures. And some silly ones too! They are a really fun couple, we can't wait to shoot their wedding!

Robyn and Jason

When out on an engagement shot, we really like to find cool places that might not work so well on the wedding day. A place we have been going to recently, is Castaways, on North Ave Beach. It has really beautiful light, and the color is very dramatic. And it's already somewhere we love to go! We took Robyn and Jason there a few weeks back and made some great pictures. They are getting married next year 6.6.09.

Lesley and Nick Engagement Session

It has been a busy time for engagements sessions. We have be running around the city making some beautiful pictures. Lesley and Nick are working with Nick for their wedding. A few weeks ago, the went out and made some great pictures. They were really fun, and I think it shows in their pictures!

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