Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Torn LA" at giftshop

G+S photographer Colin Lyons received an exhibition of his personal work at giftshop project space in the west loop. Colin's original new photographic process allows for each image to be made only once.

"Torn LA"

giftshop project space is pleased to present Torn LA, a solo show of unique ink jet prints by Chicago artist Colin Lyons. Torn LA showcases a suite of seven unique photographs all shot within four hours of each other on the streets of Los Angeles. These photographs deal with self awareness in both the contemporary art world and within culture on a whole, they also address the viewer's relationship to a moment and a juxtaposition between natural vs. unnatural elements.

The images are self referencing to the photographic process, by incorporating the piece of photo paper that the photograph is printed on into the image on its surface. The prints are made unique through the fact that they each have an edge torn off. Through this tear, the viewer is able to identify that the torn paper in the image is the same paper which they are currently looking at.

Lyons specially sought out Los Angeles because according to the artist "Los Angeles simultaneously embraces and also rebels against is own success with the beautiful and superficial." Los Angeles deals with the creation of an image, in the sense that it manufactures culture that embraces youth, wealth, physical attractiveness, and other image based ideals. By presenting a photograph which shows the viewer how it is made within the context of LA culture, Lyons invites the viewer to question the means in which culture is manufacturing the environment in which these self aware photographs were made.

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