Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lush Life

Last Friday Nick and I went to a wonderful party hosted by Natalie of Hello Darling. She has a sweet little space on Paulina and Grand. Natalie asked us to snap a few pictures, which of course we were happy to do. There are many great photographers out there, so we were honored to do it. The vintage prints by Maurince Seymour were very beautiful. And quite inspiring, as the season kicks off.

Many of our favorite vendors were there including planners Ali, Alexandra, Renny.

Thank you for a wonderful time!
Belen & Nick

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Anonymous said...

the guy who's playing Sax its a friend mine.. Jim Gailloreto
I did the pictures from "50 years of bossa nova" concert.. hired by the city of Chicago
follow the link:
BTW.. nice shots Gerber+Scarp

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