Friday, December 5, 2008

Chris & Asune's wedding

Last Saturday, in what seemed like the last nice day of 2008, Lizz and Emily had the great pleasure of shooting Asune and Chris's wedding. The ceremony and the reception were both held at Independence Grove's Nature Center. To say that a good time was had by all is an understatement! At Lizz's request, Chris took off his shoes and socks and splashed around in the pond! And Asune just rolled with it. Thanks guys for making it such a wonderful day!

Chris had some nice words for us as well....
"Besides the photos, you and Emily were probably the coolest heads throughout the day, easily winning the 'most patient' award. Asune and I have both discussed how you two were so unobtrusive, calm and just easy to be with. (This was no surprise).

Secondly, speaking of the photos, the slideshow you sent was amazing! Asune and I cried tears of joy (yes, I keep crying, I know, it's a weakness) at the beautiful images you captured, and we are thrilled with your work. We are proud to say your images will help us remember a beautiful day just the way it lives in our memories."


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