Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cool Under Pressure: New Orleans

We were honored to take part in this year’s Pictage Partner Conference in New Orleans. Being in the presence of the new and tried-and-true was inspirational. We had the opportunity to mingle with celebrity photographers, such as Dennis Reggie, Mike Colon, Joe Buissink and Carlos Baez.

Pictage asked Kurt to lead a hands-on shooting workshop. The workshop filled up in 5 minutes, with several people on the waiting list. Kurt took the lucky 25 photographers around the French Quarter, teaching them his techniques and poses he uses with his couples.

Alma and David, our models, rocked the photo shoot. The couple got married in New Orleans two weeks prior to the workshop, in a cowboy/Indian themed wedding. The newlyweds were edgy, fun, energetic, romantic, but most of all not afraid to let loose in front of 25 cameras!!

We are excited to continue our partnership with Pictage!

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I am linking to this blog post...I hope you do not mind, Great pics!

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