Monday, February 8, 2010

Great Success!

Our Haiti Relief Print Sale was an incredible success. We raised $6,000 for the Red Cross, UNICEF, and Doctor's Without Borders!

We will have more details and pictures of the event later, but we just wanted to let everyone know how much of an impact we collectively made to help Haiti. Thank you to everyone that came out and supported, and thank you again to those who donated their services to help the evening run smoothly:
G.R. N'Namdi Gallery
Fast Frames on Grande Ave.
J.P. Graziano's
N&G Produce
The Savemore Lounge
Out on the Plains
Smitten Boutique
Jacob Drescher, Jeff Meyers, Andrew Bruah, Tom Rossiter, Susan Berman, Adam Richer, and Greg Gerber

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