Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wish Upon A Wedding

Last night Kurt, Nick, Belen, Lizz and Maggie attended an event to kick off the Chicago Chapter of Wish Upon A Wedding. Wish Upon A Wedding is the only wedding wish granting organization which connects people who have cancer with wedding vendors willing to donate their services to give them an amazing wedding on a very short timeline. 

Gerber + Scarpelli is happy to be donating our services to this worthy, worthy cause. We'll be working with Beth and Nick on the Chicago Chapter's first event! 

Beth and Nick first crossed paths over ten years ago, at a small party just outside Chicago. It was Beth who first noticed Nick and looked on with admiration as he came to the defense of a fellow partygoer, who had unwittingly become the brunt of a practical joke. She thought he must be a compassionate person to so quickly defend someone else and after they struck up a conversation that night, Nick asked Beth out on a date.

Despite a memorable first date that ended (quite literally) in fireworks, Beth and Nick spent the next few years dating only casually. Their relationship was always a special one and the two were committed friends, but it wasn’t until they saw each other through some hard times that they realized they were meant to spend their lives together. Beth and Nick talked in the abstract about one day getting married, even going as far as to pick out an engagement ring together, but there was no sense of urgency.

In December 2009 Beth, who is the manager of a 9-1-1 call center for a local police department, began having unusual symptoms that ultimately led to her diagnosis of urachal adenocarcinoma. A few short weeks later, as she was about to undergo surgery to remove part of her bladder, her navel and several lymph nodes, Nick quietly returned to the jewelry store they had visited together and purchased the engagement ring. That evening, Nick proposed.

Beth and Nick understand each other on a fundamental level, and they share an inspiring sense of humor. They have each been a constant support system for the other, while coping through Beth’s diagnosis and subsequent treatments. Beth says that, “Nick is there, even if just to hold my hand, rub my back, or suggest foods that fit into a liquid diet.”

When Beth’s Aunt heard about Wish Upon A Wedding through one of their board members, she passed along the information to Beth and encouraged her to apply. Next month, Beth and Nick will finally say “I do” and are most excited about spending a positive and uplifting day with their friends and family. Beth emphasized that, “We want to put all illness out of our minds for this day, and share our joy and our love of LIFE with those who love us.”

Wish Upon a Wedding is proud to grant Beth and Nick their wish of a very special wedding, which will take place in Chicago on April 18, 2010.

And here's a great film featuring the couple from the great video team over at I Do Films:
Beth & Nick from I Do Films on Vimeo.

Many thanks to our Wish Upon a Wedding Wish Granters, who are donating their services and products to make this wedding wish come true for Beth and Nick. Without you it wouldn’t happen; thank you so much from all of us! So far, the list includes:
Renny, Bliss Weddings Consultant
Bill Pollack, Bill Pollack Music, Inc.
Jane Skarosi, Bridal Mansion of Lisle
Amy Blumen, Event Design
Lillian Toma, Starlight Makeup
Anita Vaughn, Officiant
Kurt Gerber, Gerber + Scarpelli
Carol Woldhuis, CWdesigns, Stationer
Deirdre Sheahan, Chicago Trolley, Transportation
Vicki, Giovan’s Restaurant, Venue & Food
Lori Roche, I Do Films, LLC, Videographer

Again, we're so excited to be on this project with so many wonderful vendors. It's great to be able to use our talents to help give such an amazing couple the wedding of their dreams. If you'd like to find out more information, or make a donation to Wish Upon a Wedding visit their website here:
A big thanks to them for letting us be a part of this extremely rewarding event.

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