Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sage & Jason

Boat ride!!  Since most of their family and wedding party were from out of town, Jason and Sage thought it would be nice to show them Chicago from a very different point of view.  What a fantastic treat for the family and bridal party!!  Not only did they enjoy the scenery, but it lent for a different view of Chicago than we normally get access too.  After the boat ride, we were given a ride to Fulton's on the River where Jason and Sage tied the knot.  One of our favorite parts of working at Fulton's is definitely the outdoor cocktail space.  Right on the river, the space gives guests a great view while the party gets started.  Another thing we really liked was the black and white table cloths with the various mix of floral enhancements.  Berries, flowers, succulents... all of it lent to a unique take on Fulton's.  Jason and Sage were a blast to work with, not to mention, the boat ride was pretty excellent!

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