Tuesday, November 9, 2010

60 Looks in 60 Minutes: Kurt Gerber's PartnerCon Workshop

We were so happy with the turnout today at the workshop in New Orleans.  Kurt would like to extend a big thank you to everyone that participated.  As promised, we are now going to post some key points covering what we demonstrated on the streets of the French Quarter.

Don't be afraid to take the time to change your position, your point of view, or your lens.  Take a look at your subject from different angles, below, above, and to the sides.  Allow yourself to think about the image you want to create and from which angle it will be the most powerful. 

Before the shoot, scout some natural backgrounds in the area.  Pay attention to what time of day you will be shooting and how that will affect your lighting.  Utilize textures like brick, stucco, peeling paint, wood, flora, and public art to make your photos more dynamic.

Details are what your clients have chosen to make their weddings unique.  Use your own perspective to zoom in and capture the details dramatically and artistically. 

Clients are filled with many emotions on their wedding day.  Use your eye and your instincts to capture the emotions as they're happening. Sometimes the moments between moments yield the best photographs so always be present in your view finder. Real emotion is gold.

Current trends in wedding photography use a shallow depth of field.  We use focal length and aperture to isolate the couple.   

Natural and man made objects can be used in unique ways to frame the couple.

Light is essential in turning a good photograph into a great one.  We look for situations in which we can make silhouettes, find shadows, bounce light, backlight, and utilize lens flare. Good light can even be found at mid day if you keep your eyes open.

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