Monday, April 18, 2011

Tanja & John

One thing that is so exciting about being wedding photographers in Chicago is that we get to work on such a diverse array of weddings.  We get to work with all types of clients; from Chinese to Jewish, Hindu to Catholic, and traditional to modern, for example.  Last weekend, we had a very German wedding - beer steins included!

Tanja was born in Germany, so many aspects of her heritage were included during the wedding day.  The couple got married at St. Alphonsus Church with readings done in English and German.  After that, we took a trolley to Olive Park and had a thirty person champagne toast, or perhaps I should say "Prost!"   

The reception was at Pazzo's.  Tanja and John's brother in law designed a family crest just for them, and had it printed on customized beer steins.  Tanja's family sang some traditional German drinking songs while everyone swung their beer in the air... It was just like Oktoberfest!

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