Monday, June 6, 2011

Randi & Jared

Randi and Jared: a couple of style and grace.  When we first started out the day, Randi was saying, "I don't know how to move, I don't know what to do..." We told her to just be natural, and then she whips out these sexy, sleek, awesome moves!  It just goes to show that when you feel comfortable and just be yourself, you will photograph beautifully no matter what!  Randi and Jared are a great couple; when they were signing the Ketubah, Randi got really choked up and had a hard time moving on.  She couldn't even finish what she was saying because her emotions took over, and she asked Jared to move on to his part.  All their loved ones insisted that Randi take her time and continue reading when she was ready, but she was still having a hard time.  Then Jared simply said, "Would it help if you imagined me naked?!" The whole room bursted out in laughter and Randi was able to continue reading her piece to Jared.  Though the Rabbi might not have liked the comment, it was so cool to see the groom know exactly how to ease his bride's nerves.  

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