Monday, April 16, 2012

Rose and Patrick Gallagher's Old St Patricks Peninsula Wedding

A few weeks ago, Rose and Patrick tied the knot on a mild spring day in Chicago. Due to a simple twist of fate, Rose's maiden name is Gallagher, and Patrick's last name is Gallagher. She's from the north side and he's from the south side. So as Rose's dad put it, this wedding was the coming together of the two Gallagher clans of Chicago. We met up with the lovely couple at the Peninsula before heading off to Old St Pats for the ceremony.  After a few pictures at Adler and the AIC south garden we headed back to the Peninsula. The room was decked out with beautiful flower arraignments designed by Hello Darling. Roberto of Monastero Entertainment provided the rockin' tunes. Julie Valdez made sure the bride stayed beautiful all night. And our good friend, Darcey of Big City Brides kept the whole event running smoothly. Thanks to Rose and Patrick for letting us be part of their special day!

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