Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Destination Engagement; New York, NY Alana + Andy

The Proposal Story:
It was Sunday October 27th and Alana was just getting over a killer cold. Andy asked her to meet him at his office at 2:45p so they could enjoy the sunny fall day together. In typical Andy fashion, Alana waited outside his office for a good 15-20 minutes before he came down to meet her. She was annoyed (in typical Alana fashion). He directed her to Central Park where they walked around and eventually approached the boat house where Andy had planned to take her on a boat ride. THE BOAT RIDES WERE CLOSED FOR THE EVENING! Andy tried to discreetly beg the boat guy to give them five minutes on a boat, but to no avail. ON TO PLAN B. 
Andy asked Alana if she wanted to now go to the Top of the Rock. Alana was cold and tired and still reeling from being sick, but said yes under one circumstance: MAKE SURE IT IS OPEN. Andy checked his phone, exclaimed “Yes It’s Open!!” and even bought advance tickets for 5:45p. They were on their way. The Top of the Rock was packed with tourists and obnoxious NYers pretending to be tourists. Andy quickly realized this and stalled to see if he could find a private nook amongst the massive crowds. They went to the upper deck and down to the main deck and back to the upper deck a few times. Alana started to get cold and asked to go home…Andy just said “I can see my office from here, isn’t that awesome?” She said “Yes, that’s great, can we go now?” Andy paced a bit and said “Wait one sec…” He then checked one last time in the spot that overlooked Central Park and people had started to leave. Finally some privacy. “Alana,” he said, “Come here.” She shivered over to him. Andy then grabbed Alana’s shoulders and screamed “Do you want to get married?” He immediately got down on one knee and pulled the box out of his jacket pocket. He quickly opened the box, and as he nervously said “Will you marry me?” The ring flew out of the box and fell to the ground!!! “Andy where is the ring?” She whimpered. They looked down and saw the shiny object against the dark floor, he picked it up and people from above began to shout and scream in excitement. 
I think you know the rest. She said yes of course. Oh and the ring is doing just fine on her finger. 
Later that night he took her to Quality Italian to celebrate. 

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