Friday, August 7, 2009


This is Kristen and Jon on the steps of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago - an edgy and modern location for their wedding ceremony. We had a great day with these two photographing their Chicago wedding with stops at Olive Park and Michigan Avenue to name a few. 
That lovely blonde is not only the sister of the bride, Kristen, but she is also one of our talented photographers! Maggie got to experience a wedding from a whole different perspective - a maid of honor instead of the photographer! 
In fact, Maggie was so excited that she fainted at the altar! No need to worry though, she is doing just fine and has added to the memories of the day for Kristen and Jon. 

Truly, the MCA is a great space for a reception. Kristen and Jon did a fabulous job picking this location - look how wellthe artwork on the walls represents their fun personalities!

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