Friday, August 6, 2010

Tracy & Geoff

Looking for ways to make your wedding standout among the rest? Look no further. Tracy and Geoff put together an unforgettable event at the River East Art Center.


The couple saw each other for the first time at Lily Pond, which is nestled in the heart of Lincoln Park.  The pond allowed for a romantic, secluded and gorgeous spot to see each other. From there, we stopped at A New Leaf (where Geoff proposed) and Olive Park before retreating to the REAC for both the ceremony and reception.


From their vibrant flowers that stood out against the dining tables, to their custom photo cubed hi-boys, to even their giant cupcake, every little detail of Tracy and Geoff's wedding was spectacular. Their wedding such a hit that couple’s ala mater mascot, Sparty, made the trip down from Michigan State to surprise the newlyweds.

With the help of Laura Patterson, from the Ideal Day, the couple put together an all-star team of vendors: Blue Plate, David Rothstein Music, Event Creative, and Redmoon Performers


Thank you Geoff and Tracy for allowing us to take part in your beautiful wedding! 

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