Monday, December 6, 2010

Jeff's Big Proposal

It's curious. As wedding photographers we depend so much on people to get engaged, but we're not usually there to see it happen. Well, Jeff called the studio a couple of weeks ago and informed us that he was looking to pop the question to his girlfriend Sarah. We were immediately excited to be there for the very beginning of this couple's engagement. After some careful planning We and Jeff came up with the perfect spot to do it - where he and Sarah had shared their first date, along the waterfront near the Waveland Clock Tower. The only thing we couldn't be sure of was if the weather would cooperate (in Chicago, it could be a gamble in July, much less December). As things worked out it happened to be a perfect snowy afternoon!

Jeff had Sarah picked up at their house in a town car, and brought to him at the Lake Front... of course not without a little anxious pacing. She finally rolled up, and he took her for a short walk up to the lake front, got down on one knee, and... well... we're pretty sure she said yes. After proposing we did a couple quick pictures and sent the newly engaged couple off on their magical evening which looked like something out of a Robert Frost poem. We're told it included wining, dining, 'Wicked' and a stay at a hotel downtown. Many congratulations to one of Chicago's newest engaged couples, Jeff and Sarah!

Check out their pictures below!

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